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I'm really just abnormal ok here are some random quotes from things I like because I'm just so uninteresting

"Be so good they can't ignore you" Steve Martin

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light"
Albus Dumbledore

"It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together, as it does to fall apart"
Finnick Odair


my mom once told me that writing your feelings down or drawing them out is very therapeutic and relaxing 


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whoever made this is my hero for the day


whoever made this is my hero for the day

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Orange is the New Black - Elle Photoshoot

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American Horror Story: Freakshow | Fallen Angel x

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She was no one’s daughter now. She was no one. Not Arya, not Weasel, not Nan nor Arry nor Squab, not even Lumpyhead. She was only some girl who ran with a dog by day, and dreamed of wolves by night.

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There are two kinds of people 


People who support their friends and want them to be happy even it means they get ‘friendzoned’


And people who burn down all of Paris


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Headline of the year


Headline of the year

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Friendly reminder that Lupita Nyong’o won 27 awards for her feature film debut (◡‿◡✿)

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Tell me again why we don’t need feminism.

this is so fucking gross

but is this bra available for purchase tho

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Alright I’m gonna talk about this for a second because I think it’s really important. I have heard a lot of people criticize Daisy for being a dumb character; “a bauble of a woman” I think one review called her when the movie came out this summer. And I’ve always felt confused when people say that, because I never thought Daisy was stupid. Vain, selfish, and indecisive, yes, but never stupid, and a lot of my reasoning for that belief came from this line . “I hope she’ll be a fool,” she says, because she is NOT a fool. Daisy sees the world for what it is (which is something Gatsby could never do, by the way) and that’s why everything is so hard for her. She understands what are actually the themes of the novel: that sometimes your dreams die and that those things you value are actually not valuable. That’s what she learned after Gatsby left and she entered a loveless marriage with a horrible man, which is a difficult thing to experience even if you are an idiot. But she never wants anyone to have to experience those things the way she’s experienced them, or to learn what she believed was the horrible truth of 1920s America; she’d much rather pretend that everything was okay, so that’s exactly what she does. She just pretends. Daisy is a lot of things, but a fool is not one of them.

how many high school kids do you think copied and pasted that into their essay for their english class

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don’t you fkn dare pat me Abbott

don’t you fkn dare pat me Abbott

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